We can extend some businesses up to $50,0000 for 120 days  
  Behalf is fast, affordable and flexible.  

Introducing a new way to pay!

Behalf offers net 30 terms free of charge for up to $50,000 of financing and you can extend payments for up to 150 days. Find out if you qualify by filling in your information below. Get pre-approved without hurting your credit.




How to Use Your Behalf Financing in Under 5 Minutes

  • Get pre-approved for Behalf using the form above
  • Complete your profile on Behalf.com
  • Request to pay Ready Distribution or Contact Your Dedicated Account Manager to Initiate an Order
  • Select repayment schedule and add a bank
  • Submit approval for your order and the invoice will be paid on your Behalf!

Download a Behalf Brochure for more information.