RSPA RetailNow 2015 - Booth 113

Join Ready Distribution at the RSPA RetailNOW show in Booth 113 with an all-new exhibit featuring the following products:

  • TalonES Server & Camera Value Bundle
  • SAM4s Tabby featuring the new SAP4800II Android Terminal
  • Posiflex MT4008 Tablet POS Platform
  • Honeywell Voyager 1602G Bluetooth Pocket Scanner
  • Infinite Peripherals Infinea Tab M credit card and scanning sled for the iPad Mini

Enter to win a new Asus Zenwatch Smartwatch in our booth with our fishbowl drawing!

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Get Started with Behalf for up to 120 Days to PayBehalf is fast, affordable and flexible

Behalf Offers up to $50,000 of Inventory for up to 120 Days

Ready Distribution has partnered with Behalf to offer extended terms built for the needs of resellers. With Behalf, resellers can choose to grow their business without the stress and strain of high-cost credit card balances or past-due invoices. Behalf allows resellers to order up to $50,000 of inventory for up to 120 days*. With flexible payment options, resellers can customize their payments to get the room they need to get the deal and install it, all before the invoice is due. Best of all, it's easy to qualify for a Behalf credit line and takes just minutes to pre-qualify; Simply answer a few questions on our website and you will receive an answer in seconds.

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Sign Up Now for Paperless Invoicing

Thursday, Sep 18, 2014

Go Paperless with Ready!

Sign-up now to get your invoices and statements e-mailed directly to your inbox.

  • Faster - Get your invoices the same day your product ships with the paperless invoice service.
  • Easier - You'll have less papers on your desk and less to file with paperless invoices and statements
  • Eco-Conscious - Save trees, fuel and more!


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Posiflex XT Intro Banner

Built on a legacy of design innovation, Posiflex introduces the all-new XT series terminals. Built from the ground up with the customer in mind, the purpose-build XT series terminals are durable, reliable and stylish. The XT series introduces an ultra-flexible folding base that allows the user to adjust both the angle and the height of the display with all of the stability & utility of a fixed base. The XT series also introduces a stylish, bezel-free resistive touchscreen that gives users the reliable operation of a resistive screen along with the convenience of a display without a plastic bezel. 

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Ready Has the Fastest Fulfillment in the West for your POS Needs

Don't get stuck with expensive air-freight charges to get timely shipments to the west coast! Ready Distribution offers ultra-fast and reliable ground shipping with two dedicated fulfillment centers on the west coast. Ready Distribution offers a full-line of point of sale terminals and peripherals that are in-stock on the west coast including major brands like Posiflex and Honeywell.

Ready Distribution offers both direct-to-business and direct-to-install shipments with an option to have you shipments branded with your company information.

If your business requires fast, economical shipments to the west coast, Ready Distribution is with you on every install.

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Ready Distribution Mobile WebsiteOn the road, at home, in the office, anywhere! Ready Distribution has launched a full-featured mobile website for touchscreen devices including tablet and smartphones at The site features an advanced responsive layout that dynamically adapts to the device that's viewing the content, delivering the best experience for users on differing screen sizes. 

The new mobile site is full-featured with online ordering, a support knowledgebase, brochure downloads and promotions. With the same best-in-class content as the Ready Distribution desktop website, the new mobile site gives users the flexibility to get product information and support anytime and now on any device.

Users that visit Ready Distribution's website from a tablet or smartphone will be automatically redirected to the mobile version of the site. If at any time the user wants to go to the full desktop version of the website, there is a link at the bottom of each page that will take the user to the same page on the desktop site without have to navigate back to the same content. The ability to seamless switch to the desktop format gives users the maximum flexibility to view content as they like.

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