New! Talon WallMount SeriesThe Talon WallMount Series packs the full-featured Talon video system into a easily mounted case giving retailers the flexibility to deploy into even the most challenging environments. The Talon WallMount series server works remotely to allow retailers to wallmount the server in a safe and convenient place in the store. Retailers also get the unparalleled operational insight of a Talon video system including integrated point of sale data, remote viewing apps and the ability to search video by point of sale data.

  • Advanced POS Integration Point of sale text overlay gives you unparalleled insight into store operations by synchronizing video and receipt information.
  • Remote View With Apps for Android, iPhone and iPad, Talon gives you the ability to view real-time video.
  • Video Search You don't need to watch video all day to find problems; Search by keyword, motion or time frame.
  • High-Resolution Video Purpose-built for retail installations, Talon give you the video quality you need to manage your business.
  • Secure Locking Case The Talon WallMount series offers an exclusive locking enclosure that can be securely mounted out of the way for full-remote access.
  • 16 Camera Views With recording of up to 16 cameras, the Talon WallMount has the flexibility to cover the whole store including customer service areas.

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