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Ready Distribution has implemented an all-new e-commerce platform that brings next-generation features to resellers looking for an easy way to shop for and purchase best-in-class point of sale hardware and video surveillance. With features such as product grouping and suggested product linking, the site brings features to resellers that are not typically found on wholesale websites. 

"We worked hard to extend our award-winning service and support to our web platform," states company President Derrell Ness. "Most wholesale websites are long lists of foreign part numbers with minimal descriptions and there was a lot of room for improvement. Our site goes beyond basic fulfillment and extends the experience to offer helpful information in the same way that our dedicated account representatives do over the phone."

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Key Features

  • Online Ordering with Advanced Interface
  • Management of Multiple Shipping Addresses
  • Order History for Orders Placed Online
  • Access to Product Information & Support


The website uses a modern design that is clean and offers plenty of links to quickly move to relevant content areas. Rather than having a separate catalog platform for ordering and fulfillment, the site brings together the catalog, support and company sites so that there is seamless integration. Resellers can view news, support and promotions using the same login and password as they use to view and order product.

The toolbar along the top of each page gives resellers access to product information by category and also provides a dedicated search box that searches just our product catalog making it fast and easy to search item numbers, brands and general product desciptions. The product search and organization brings the features of a consumer website to resellers while maintaining the professional features that they also need.

Inventory Detail

Inventory item listings on the next-generation platform are also vastly improved. Like items can be grouped on one product page if their product features are the same. For instance if a printer is available as four part numbers each only varying by the printer's interface, these items can be grouped together on one page. This makes it easier for resellers to locate the item that their looking for quickly and easily even if they have no idea what the part number is. 

Product listings can also contain referrals to related items and can also include suggestions to upgrades or accessories. For example, a listing for a printer can contain a referral so that the reseller can purchase the correct paper and supplies for the printer on the same product page. These features aims to help resellers to get the right product the first time with minimal effort. In addition, the PDF is still linked to each product where available.

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Reseller Support

The reseller support section has also been migrated to the new platform. With the transition, we have integrated our knowledge base and download section into one engine complete with a new search tool. The updated section is now simply called the knowleadge base and it provides one place that resellers can look for solutions including downloads and support articles. In the support section, we continue to offer online RMA requests, scanner setup sheets and technical bulletins.

Reseller User Accounts

If you had a account on our legacy system, you should already have an account on our next-generation platform. To re-gain access to your account, please use the password reset tool online to have a password sent to your e-mail address on file. This process is quick, easy and does not make you go through an approval wait period. If your a current Ready customer and you have never had a Ready website login, don't worry. We offer a painless process that lets you gain access after your account is reviewed by our staff.