Posiflex Goes Bowling

Posiflex Reliability

Engineered with the most stringent tolerances, the Posiflex KS7215 is liquid and splash resistant so it can operate in the harshest environments. Bearing the long legacy of Posiflex quality and reliability, the KS7200 series with its patented die-cast aluminum alloy housing is able to diffuse heat efficiently ensure maximum uptime. Being fan-free eliminates a potential point of mechanical failure and reduces energy consumption, which reduces total cost of ownership.

Posiflex carries out stringent third-party HALT and HASS testing to ensure all products pass vibration stress tests, with the ability to operate in a wide range of environments and temperatures withstanding humidity. This ensures that businesses can literally take the heat from ongoing transactions being carried out on Posiflex touch terminals 24/7.

Proven Quality

Would you throw a bowling ball at your point of sale terminal? We can tell you about quality but durability and reliability are tough to prove. Watch as Posiflex does the unthinkable when they go bowling to show that the new fan-free KS7215 is the Kingpin of Reliability. Kids, don't try this at home!

Posiflex KS7215 Product Listing