Talon Integrated Archive System

Virtually Unlimited Long-Term Video Storage!

Talon Integrated Archive System

Talon IAS provides automated video archiving on the Talon DVR server using hot-swap hard drives. With Talon IAS, video will be automatically backed-up on the Talon DVR server based on schedule settings. A warning reminder will let you know when a drive is full so that it can be replaced with another archive hard drive.

Remote viewing is done by inserting one of the archive hard drives into a USB dock on a client computer. The Talon IAS kit comes complete with the Talon Backup Viewer that allows users to retrieve archives on any Windows PC. Talon IAS allows users to search archives to find relevant archive video.

Included in the Talon IAS Kit is the Hot Swap Bay, pre-installed in the server, the USB Dock for the remote PC, a 1-Terabyte or 500-Gigabyte SATA hard drive, and the necessary cables. An external version is also available for easy field installations to existing Talon DVR servers.

Since the backups are going to standard SATA hard drives, the archives are fast, secure and relatively inexpensive. Retailers can add additional hard drives to keep a virtually unlimited archive of their video information.

Retailers are looking to their video systems to help with more store management issues. These added functions sometime require months of archived video data and some retailers are looking to store several years worth of video data. Some examples of extended video archives include:

  • Review Staffing Levels
  • Check Customer Service Processes
  • Study Store Traffic Patterns
  • Mitigate Customer Personal Injury Lawsuits
  • Audit Trail for Long-Term Security Cases

Talon Integrated Archive System (IAS) for long-term backup is a next-generation feature that addresses the changing needs of retailers and the growing utility for integrated video systems. With the Talon IAS option, the archival video storage capacity of the Talon DVR server is virtually unlimited.